The purpose of Gan Financial aid is to provide financial resources to enable students to attend the Gan whose families might otherwise not be able to send them.

Policies for financial aid are developed by the Gan in conjunction with the Budget and Finance Committee of Adas Israel Congregation. The financial aid form can be downloaded here.

The following operating policies are designed to assure that allocations are made responsibly:

  • All families seeking financial aid must submit the Financial Aid form by March 1.
  • Notification of preliminary allocations will be made to families by April 1.
  • Families have until May 1 to notify Adas Israel of their enrollment decision or the funds will be reallocated.
  • If any funds remain after May 1, they may be allocated to new families as available.
  • Funds cannot be guaranteed year to year.
  • Families are responsible for notifying Adas Israel of changes in financial circumstances which may decrease the need for aid (e.g. inheritance, change in job status)

All applications for aid and allocations made are to be kept strictly confidential. The Controller of Adas Israel will apply funds directly to family accounts after receiving notification of allocations. Funds must be applied to tuition.

Additional documents may be requested to complete processing of the aid request:

  • Federal Tax Transcript – families selected for federal verification and not able to use the IRS data retrieval must request an official federal tax transcript from the IRS.
  • Verification Worksheet – a document which collects updated information submitted on the financial aid form.
  • Certification of Separation – a document which verifies that a student’s parents are separated and living separately from his/her spouse.
  • Employment Verification - a letter which verifies a parent’s change in employment status. This letter must be written by the current or former employer, whichever is appropriate.

Please note, there are limited financial aid funds at the school. Therefore, there is no guarantee that all requests for financial aid will be granted.

Changes in Situations: Families may submit documentation for a change in aid based on change to financial income, such as involuntary loss of employment, change in child care, other changes in family situations. These requests are reviewed by the Executive Director. Please understand that these requests may not result in a change in aid eligibility

Withdrawal from school: If a student withdraws before the end of the year, financial aid will be prorated using the same formula for proration of tuition. The prorated amount of aid will be returned to Adas Israel to be used by other students.