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Developmental Screenings

We recognize that every child learns at a different pace, and shines in his or her own way. However, if a child appears to be having difficulty, or is not integrating into the group as would be expected, our developmental support coordinator is available to spend time in the classroom and assess the child’s needs. We are then able to work within the classroom, and to suggest extra-curricular strategies, to help the child fulfill his or her potential and better enjoy his or her Gan experience.

Kindergarten Readiness

When children are four and five years old, we want to make certain they are prepared for the next step in their educational careers. In the late fall/early winter, each child expected to enter kindergarten the following fall is given the Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning IV (DIAL-4).  This is a cursory assessment of motor development, language development and concept development. This assessment enables us to adjust our curriculum appropriately to ensure children leaving the Gan make a successful transition to kindergarten.

Support Service Coordination

Our development support coordinator, Stephanie Slater, can provide teachers and parents with many tools to support development, but every so often, a child needs additional support in order to maximize his or her potential.  At the Gan, we consult with both private speech & language pathologists and occupational therapists. These specialists are available onsite for screenings, evaluations and treatment.  Although families are responsible for the payment of these services, our developmental support coordinator is available to help coordinate scheduling to accommodate our families. A Preschool Inclusion Committee is in formation. Please click here for more information.

Family Support Services

A clinical social worker and early childhood specialist from the Jewish Social Service Agency, JSSA, is on site every other week as our JSSA synagogue liaison. Over the years, our liaison has provided support to Gan families dealing with stressful situations such as new babies, developmental challenges, sibling difficulties, separation anxieties, school changes, moving, illness or death, separation or divorce, and job loss. 

Meet our JSSA liaisons, Ellen Levin and Michal Berkson