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We strive to serve healthy foods to our children with no trans-fats. Food at the school must be kosher and peanut- and nut-free.  


As the synagogue and the school observe the dietary laws of Kashrut, all food brought into the building must be Kosher according to the standards of the Conservative Movement.

  1.    No meat, poultry, or shellfish may be brought into the building.

2.      Permitted foods must be dairy or parve. (Parve means those foods which contain neither dairy nor meat. Examples of parve foods include fish, eggs, pasta, fruit, and vegetables).

3.      All snacks for the class must be prepared in school or purchased. All baked and processed foods (breads, cookies, cake, chips, cereals etc.) must bear a kashrut symbol, indicating that the product was prepared under rabbinic supervision. Homemade foods and baked goods are not permitted.

4.      All beverages are acceptable. However, only kosher grape juice (such as Kedem) may be used for the Kabbalat Shabbat program.

5.      Cheese and dairy must have a kashrut symbol.

6.      All fruits and vegetables are acceptable.

Click here to see a list of acceptable Kashrut symbols. *Please note this list subject to change/review.*

Peanut/Nut Free: We strive to be a peanut and tree nut free school. Foods containing peanuts, or any tree nuts (click here to see a complete list of tree nut allergens), including coconut, are not allowed in the Gan. We ask that parents do not send in peanut butter in any form. Peanut butter, or any nut butter, sandwiches will not be allowed for lunch. (Soy butter and sunflower seed butter are fine. Please label these so we know they are safe.) Foods that have an allergen warning on their label such as “may contain traces of peanuts,” “processed in a plant that also processes nuts,” or “manufactured on shared equipment” are not allowed in the Gan.  Parents must follow this policy when sending in individual lunches or class snacks. Please note, staff cannot be responsible for reading labels and a child with peanut or nut allergies must have all foods approved by a parent before a staff member will be able to serve that child any food. 

Click here to download snack and lunch suggestions. 

Inclement Weather

The Gan follows the inclement weather policy of the DC Public Schools and the Federal Government. Please listen to the radio and/or television for announcements. Information can also be found on the DCPS and OPM websites. We will send also email/text announcements and put closing information on our website as well.

  • If D.C. Public Schools or the Federal Government is closed, we are closed.
  • If D.C. schools or the Federal Government have a delay, we will open at 10:00 am.
  • If D.C. schools announce early dismissal, please come to the school ASAP to get your child.

On days that Montgomery County Public Schools is closed and DC Public Schools are open, the Gan will be open. However, staff will use their discretion and err on the side of safety in deciding to come to work. Classes will likely be combined to meet the needs of the Gan community.  

"Gap" Care Resouces

  • Bright Horizons Back Up Child Care

Visit the Website

Several Federal agencies participate in Bright Horizons Back Up Child Care. Gan families have used this program successfully. Your cost depends on the contract your agency has with Bright Horizons. There are many locations. Check with your agency’s HR department to find out if this is an available service for you.

  • MoEd

Visit the Website

MoEd offers camps during certain Gan breaks and other days off for children five and older. Please check their website for more information.

  • Pooling resources

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Families work together to “batch” their childcare needs. Sometimes 2-3 families hire a sitter for their children and rotate the house in which a sitter watches the children.

  • The White House Nannies

Visit the Website

Our Temporary Division provides a variety of childcare services: weekdays, evenings, after school, weekends, holiday service, and on-going care (for under one year) on both a scheduled and emergency basis. The agency maintains a pool of over 200 fully screened and qualified nannies to provide temporary and emergency childcare to our registered clients in their homes. Someone from the Temporary Division is on-call whenever the office is closed to accommodate those unscheduled or emergency childcare needs.

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