What is the Gan Parents’ Association?

The Gan Parents’ Association (GPA) runs more than thirty programs each year.  

The GPA is a parent-based volunteer organization that provides programs for Gan students and their families. The programs include community outreach projects, events focused on religious holidays, fundraisers, and social events.  The parent community at the Gan is truly unique in its spirit, dedication, and involvement.

Everyone is encouraged to participate.

Participation - through volunteering or attending events - enriches programs and connects you to our school community. It’s an easy way to join in your child’s experience at school.  We have opportunities for all parents, including those who work full-time.

Everyone is encouraged to join the GPA. 

Joining the GPA funds the Gan’s science program, sponsors free events like Snack in the Shack and Truck Day, subsidizes admission to GPA events, and much, much more… Click here to join. 

To stay in the know, read Ma Hadash.

To learn about GPA events, how to register for them, and other relevant information, make sure to read Ma Hadash (the electronic newsletter that goes out every other week.)  You can also check the GPA page

Remember, it is the parents who make all of these great activities possible! 

To get involved, please contact:

Abigail Sharon

GPA Co-President (2012-2014)  

Tamar Levenberg

GPA Co-President (2013-2015)